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"Kimbralou had three power frocks to showcase, amongst the 30 looks for Flossy. The three specific power frocks had been recently seen at the MBFF Brisbane FANTAUZZO Next Gen show 2019. These power frocks were very ‘loud’ designs and as such have the potential to ‘own’ an individual styled in them.


At the fittings, I was very upfront with the female models that I would be scouting for the three females to ultimately showcase these frocks. Angelika came onto my radar quickly as she met the firm Kimbralou criteria of being able to project ownership of herself.


Her walk was indeed fierce and she definitely owned the look and at no stage did the look own her.  Fabulous!"

139-CEL08189 (1).jpg
01.Angelika Catharina Dybendal Kristians

"Angelika is a very professional yet fun model to work with. As she walks through the door you know straight away you are working with a very positive human. She is reliable, beautiful, fun, and makes any set brighter with her personality. Also, she doesn’t shy away from a challenge and will do everything to bring any concept to life.


I have worked with many models in my professional career as a photographer and Angelika is on top of my list!"


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